About Me

My name is Lynette, and clearly, I'm not a professional.  I grew to really enjoy baking first and foremost just because I LOVED eating sweets and it was more so relaxing.  After baking so much for other people, mind you I was using boxed cake mixes all the time because I had no idea how to bake from scratch, I started to notice that I liked the baking element of it all rather than the eating! Crazy I know..  I started to look up recipes and grew very intrigued with different flavors and combinations; S'Mores, Cookie Dough, Pistachio?!?! I fell in love.

After realizing I do have what it takes to bake things from scratch, I needed another challenge; decorating.  I started with frostings and fancy tips working my way to cookie decorating with royal icing, to finally and most recently, fondant. :)

So again, I am not a professional, I just have a new found therapeutic love. If you don't mind that, here's a growing collection of baked goodies I've created and adapted. Thanks for stopping by!