Saturday, August 6, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras

 My cousin asked for two dozen red velvet cupcakes with.... TIARAS.


Now, I originally wanted to make the tiaras all elaborate looking with chocolate, then piping them in the design that I wanted.  But I had no chocolate and I haven't really done that before.  I tried with royal icing, and I just suck at working with royal icing.  I made it pink and piped it, and then formed it around a wine glass, so that it could dry with the curve, but I didn't want them to look so.... handmade, for lack of a better description, and they looked to delicate to remove.  I put a lot of thought and research into it and finally concluded that I should just stick with what I know for now and make the tiaras, which are more crowns than anything, out of fondant.  I just used a star cutter to cut out points and then added pearls at the tips.  Then those looked pretty boring and lonesome.  

So I decided to add wands. :) I was most proud of this part.  I cut out 2 stars for each cupcake and dusted them with gold pearl dust.  Then, I used a piece of SPAGHETTI to attach the stars to. :) That may not be original, but I thought I was pretty smart for coming up with that without influence.

To go along with this little princess, tiara, wand looking-thing, theme, I found my prince charming frog cupcake liners.  They went perfect. :D

So I made the cupcakes with EXTRA filling, because I'm sick of my cupcakes sliding around in the boxes.  I need to start doing this all the time because it definitely makes my life easier and puts transportation at ease.  I let the crowns and wands dry for a day and made the cupcakes, frosted, and assembled, the day of pick up.

After I baked them, I realized I had to put the cupcakes in the box before I frosted.  I've learned that I am terrible at handling them and carefully putting them in the box after frosting, I always end up with frosting on my fingers, which isn't always a terrible thing, but messy.  I hate messy. :(

She asked for 24, so there you go!

Thanks and enjoy!

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