Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ghost Cookies!

Yes, I attempted cookies again.  But hey, practice is supposed to make better right?  I think I'll need much more practice, but I do know that I'm getting a little better at it?  A little more patient, perhaps?

So, at work we have the perfect birthday schedule.  Annie's birthday is today, Jen's birthday is tomorrow, and my birthday is Saturday! Sooooo I decided to make some cookies for them.  I made a runner for Annie because she's crazy marathon lady, and a dancer for Jen because she's a ballerina. :)  I made pumpkins and ghosts out of the extra dough to bring to work also, plainly because it's October. The greatest month ever.

Now, I didn't get a picture of the people cookies, because 1. they suck and 2. I was rushing.  I was a little more proud of my outlining this time.  I tried to make the texture pattern with the pumpkins but my icing was too runny the first pumpkin around.  I tried adding some powdered sugar to make it a little thicker, and it SORT of worked. You can see it pretty well in the picture!  I don't think I chose the best ghost to take a picture of, as you can tell from the bottom... it is also a bit dark, but whatever.  Keeeeeeeeeeeeeep on practicing...

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